A life update.haha

hello lovers;;

im slacking with the blog these days.preparing for finals and suchh;;

this Thursday till Sunday i will be in New york (yay!)
whats really weird is iv been living on the east coast for 4 years now && haven't been there.so that's pretty much a boost to my life

another thing is
i went to tj max.and purchased some ray ban wayfarers sunglasses for 35$$

onlyy thing is.because they are from tj max is. the ray ban signature sign is on the left side instead of the right.so i don't know if i should wear them or not

what do you guys think?

i dont have a camera charger so i can post any pictures of them=[

anyways loves;;

i probli wont post anything intill monday when i come back from new york

intill then

xoxo Harmony

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