i love chanel?

random know i know

christmas time

happens to be the best time of the year
im hoping that i get everything i asked for.
and every one will be happy with what they got
merry christmas to all my readers!
hopefully you all have a nice time with family and such
and get what you guys want
just to see if you read this
i lovee you jonathon=]
&& i miss you.hope you have fun in south carolina

a little kid with more style then me

im sooo jealous of herr =]


Miss Dior Cherie Commercial

The happy new commercial for Christian Dior’s Miss Dior Chérie fragrance with model Maryna Linchuk Simply makes me want to buy it

she seems so happy in this video .i wished i lived like that lol
the thing that made me double look at the commerical is the song.
its by ‘Moi Je Joue’ by Brigitte Bardot
hopefully i will be receiving this for xmas=]


quote of the dayyy

why give people the satisfaction of letting them get the best of you? when you clearly already know that they envy & want to be you.you should feel bad that they want to live their lives through your downfalls.people are to weak to follow their own dreams and will find every way possible to discourage yours.its a natural thing.dont curse it,bless it. because these pathetic motherfuckers encourage my conceit." --nicole richie


The Coolest

baby, that's loyal
But she doesn't see, therefore I spoil
I trip, I fall
run up and brawl.
I love her, with all my heart
Every vein, every vessel,
every bullet lodged
With every flower that I ever took apart
She said - that she would give me greatness,
status, placement above the others
My face would grace covers
of the magazines of the hustlers
Paper, the likes of which that I had never seen
Her eyes glow green with the logo of our dreams
The purpose of our scene,
The obscene obsession for the bling
She would be my queen,
I could be her king
Together, she would make me cool
and we would both rule, forever,
And I would never feel pain
and never be without pleasure, ever, again
And if the rain stops,
And everything's dry
she would cry
Just so I can drink the tears from her eyes
She'll teach me how to fly
Even cushion my fall
If my engines ever stall
and I plummet from the sky
But she will keep me high
And if I ever die
She would comission my image on her bosom
To hum
Or maybe she'd retire as well
A match made in Heaven set the fires in Hell

Lupe Fiasco "The Cool"
i was just listening to the cd. and that stood out to me.like always.anddd I SEEN LUPE FIASCO in concert!!!!!!!!!He did a little show at the university of maryland.it was awesome=]


do me daily.chuck bass babyyy

come on, chuck bass has to be the sexiest gossip man on the show
i dont care about everyone saying its NATE.ewee. yes. i am a gossip girl fanatic
i know this is random



iv been super busy with school and such so i cant really update this as much as i want

buttttt i just got the new brittney spears album. and may i say it is the best
i loved Blackout.but this seriously tops it
my 2 fav songs are If You Seek Amy and Kill the lighta
Right now.i am trying to save up my money so i can see her in concert.damn x mas is killing me
i want to be front row.and the tickets are like 150$$ - 230 to be in front
and its on a school night i shall seee.

go buy her cd and support her