i believe in a thing called love

i want.

when i get them, they will never come of my feet



who is excited for the new season of the city
the new season starts September 29
i cant wait to see whitney && friends and the fashion
i really really really wait to see Olivia Palermo.
she is so gorgeous && i love her sense of style

Pretty Young Thangsss;

quote for the day


the lauren Conrad side braid;;

is anyone in love with it besides me?
everywhere i go i have a braid in my hair
whether its done or in a pony


Ashley Olsen for Marie Claire

Oh how i do love her;;
here are a couple if pictures for the magazine


quote for the day

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”
-Audrey Hepburn

Brittney the new face of Candies

so i must say this makes me want to go to Kohls
and wear there Candies Line

really Brittney would make me wear anything she puts on.lol
i see Candies going up in sales in the near future

xoxo Harmony

A life update.haha

hello lovers;;

im slacking with the blog these days.preparing for finals and suchh;;

this Thursday till Sunday i will be in New york (yay!)
whats really weird is iv been living on the east coast for 4 years now && haven't been there.so that's pretty much a boost to my life

another thing is
i went to tj max.and purchased some ray ban wayfarers sunglasses for 35$$

onlyy thing is.because they are from tj max is. the ray ban signature sign is on the left side instead of the right.so i don't know if i should wear them or not

what do you guys think?

i dont have a camera charger so i can post any pictures of them=[

anyways loves;;

i probli wont post anything intill monday when i come back from new york

intill then

xoxo Harmony


quote for the day

"all i want is everything and there's very little of that left"
-Cecil Beaton

back to school adds

im pretty upset to see the back to school adds

iv been in summer classes in Montgomery college since may 26th
so you know why.lol

this year will be so different
i wont be so pressed to go shopping ,because im in college now
nobody is pay as much attention to me as they were in high school

so if i wanna wear uggs and juicy sweatsuits everyday so be it.lol

well lovers;;
just speaking my mind