quote for the day

"a women who doesn't wear perfume has no future"
-Coco Chanel



the marc jacobs stam bag!!

Named after popular Canadian model, Jessica Stam
many stylish celebrities toting it around on their arms: Nicky Hilton Mary J Blige, Hailey Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Maria Sharapova, Dita von Teese and Kate Beckinsale to name a few

it is the number one bag on my list!
i really want one in white and black

they have a bag inspired one for 49.99 that i might consider getting intill this christmas
when il have the money for a real one

what do you guys think? does it look the same?

xoxo harmonyy

quote for the day

we must never confuse
elegance with snobbery

-Yves Saint Laurent

my lovely weekend

so as you guys know
i celebrated my sweet 18 on thursday
it wasnt so sweet.lol
but i looked cute.lol and i was so happy my baby came from school for my special day=]
also had a dinner and went to ocean cityy wish i had more pictures from there.but me and jonathons camera died.
i realized i have an obsession with hippie bands and lauren conrad side braids
i loveeee it.even though my mom said its not cuteee. w/e
heres a couple of photos from my weekend
-xoxo Harmony


been had polo.

this video is so silly
i love ralph lauren but i doubt i can even get on this guys level

quote for the day

18th birthdayyy=]

happy 18th birthday to me!!

i am currently not doing anything this special dayy

but this weekend


hahaha all i can say

ttyl dolls




pretty bored.and missing my boyfriend while he's in school
im hoping he comes tomorrow for my birthdayy

loveeee youu

i love chanel pt 2

my love for Chanel is unconditional .
i am saving money to get a 2.55 bag.

Chanel leaves me breathless<333

quote for the day

love love love these dolls

so my new obsession are these blythe dolls. they are so cute and kinda scary tho. lol
but theyre to lovee

these ones kinda look like me.hahaha

well dolls;;

tomorrow is my birthdayyy=]
so i will probli post my outfit.etc this weekend




hello fellow bloggers

so i will be updating my blog again.lol
a fellow blogger friend has inspired me =] (
she knows who she is)

iv got alot of things going on.
well really just college.ugh.lol


i got a better camera

so now i can post nicer pictures.so yeahh.

ttyl harmony=]