The Coolest

baby, that's loyal
But she doesn't see, therefore I spoil
I trip, I fall
run up and brawl.
I love her, with all my heart
Every vein, every vessel,
every bullet lodged
With every flower that I ever took apart
She said - that she would give me greatness,
status, placement above the others
My face would grace covers
of the magazines of the hustlers
Paper, the likes of which that I had never seen
Her eyes glow green with the logo of our dreams
The purpose of our scene,
The obscene obsession for the bling
She would be my queen,
I could be her king
Together, she would make me cool
and we would both rule, forever,
And I would never feel pain
and never be without pleasure, ever, again
And if the rain stops,
And everything's dry
she would cry
Just so I can drink the tears from her eyes
She'll teach me how to fly
Even cushion my fall
If my engines ever stall
and I plummet from the sky
But she will keep me high
And if I ever die
She would comission my image on her bosom
To hum
Or maybe she'd retire as well
A match made in Heaven set the fires in Hell

Lupe Fiasco "The Cool"
i was just listening to the cd. and that stood out to me.like always.anddd I SEEN LUPE FIASCO in concert!!!!!!!!!He did a little show at the university of maryland.it was awesome=]

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